Real estate

Real estate can be a complicated area of law. Involved in a legal dispute or need to file a suit? Involved in a commercial or residential real estate transaction? We have the experience to help.  Our experience helps us get the best results for our clients. 

Commercial real estate

Our attorneys are skilled at drafting and negotiating lease, purchase and sale agreements related to commercial, industrial, and residential real estate, both for buyers and sellers of real estate. Negotiating and drafting adequate lease agreements is essential to define the relationship between a landlord and tenant. We are prepared to assist with these sophisticated issues.

Quiet title actions

Buying a property at tax sale can be confusing. Before you purchase any real estate, you want to make sure you have a clear title. Liens, claims by prior owners, property judgments, and other encumbrances can cloud the title of your property without your knowledge. To prevent or remove clouds on your property, it is often necessary to file a quiet title action to remove the clouds.

Zoning and Land Use

Appearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) or Zoning Board can be intimidating. The odds are stacked against you. However, government agencies make mistakes and you are not responsible for those mistakes. Attorney Scott has argued successfully in front of administrative agencies disputing the findings of agencies.

Mechanic’s Lien

In the event of non-payment, a valid mechanics' lien can prove to be a powerful tool. We help contractors, subcontractors, and individuals enforce or defend mechanic liens in foreclosure and enforcement actions. Time is of the essence. Mechanic liens are enforceable for one year from the date of the notice of intention was filed with the county recorder's office. Mechanic liens may be defeated by failing to respond to a properly worded demand to the lien holder to foreclose within 30 days, failing to properly "perfect" the lien, or through litigation that places the issues in dispute.

Evictions And Collections

Landlords have certain rights when dealing with tenants. You must have a valid reason for ending the lease. Non-payment, lease violation, damage, or criminal behavior are valid reasons for eviction. We can help filing a notice to quit to start the process. Our experience includes residential and commercial properties.